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One-Year Bible Memory Plan

One-Year Bible Memory Plan

I’m so glad you are here. Sign up here to Meet With God and Grow in Faith. By signing up, you’ll get a free PDF of a One-Year Bible Memory Plan.

You will receive a two-page printable, so that you can choose a dated or undated version. Hide in your heart 52 favorite verses from Genesis to Revelation. It even includes a 6-step strategy to help you memorize effectively, because if you’re like me, you need all the help you can get! Start any time in the year, and start tucking God’s Word in your heart.

Now, seriously, I find it very hard to memorize scripture, so if you do, too, we are in this together! One verse a week. We can do it!

Join us to get the free resource and to have devotions delivered straight to your inbox.

One-Year Bible Memory Plan

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